Hi, I’m Tessa Amandine, 23year old law student from Hamburg, Germany.


I really love fashion! To me, it is a way of self-expression and nobody can hide from it – even if you don’t care about your daily outfit, you express this massage to the outside world.

Besides, wearing a well chosen outfit means that you treats yourself with self-estimation. It makes you feel comfortable and it makes you feel who you truly are. You feel at ease with yourself. If you don’t, you’re wearing the wrong outfit.

But that’s also great about fashion: you can try so many things out and find your style and yourself – again and again – it’s a process of constant changing.

Why “La p’tite blanche”?

Well, my second mother tongue is French. That’s the reason, my friends used to have French nickames for me. My best friends use to call me “Petite” as I am the youngest one in our clique.
“Blanche” is due to the fact that I actually found some white hair on my head – and they are getting more and more (remeber: I am 23!)… Well, I might really be “blanche” one day, rather sooner than later – and this title of my blog is my personal, funny, way of handeling this fact šŸ™‚


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